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I am so excited today. One of my favorite authors of all time let me interview her. It was GREAT! This is my best moment since I started blogging. Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin Series is one of the most amazing series out in the Urban Fantasy genre. Jennifer’s latest book in the series, Widow’s Web, blew me away, just like the rest of her books did. If you want to see if Widow’s Web is for you, just check out my review. And for those YA readers out there, Jennifer also writes a lovely YA series called the Mythos Academy Series. Apparently Jennifer is a woman with many talents.   

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this interview for a chance to win a print copy of Widow’s Web.

Me: I just finished Widow’s Web and I was blown away. I was wondering, do you have a set plan for the rest of the series, or do your characters tell you the direction you need to go?

Jennifer: Thanks! I appreciate that, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I do have a plan for the next few books in the series, although I can’t say too much about that right now. And my plans could always change. Sometimes, some of my best ideas just seem to pop up as I’m writing, so we’ll see what happens.

Me: How did you come up with the world in the Elemental Assassin series?

Jennifer: I’ve always liked reading about assassin characters, especially in fantasy books. Assassins can be everything from cool to calculating, and it seems like there are so many stories that you can tell about them. One day, I thought it would be interesting to write my own assassin character with my own story, magic, and world building, so that’s what I did. That was the start of the Elemental Assassin series.

Me: Do you like to listen to music while you write, if so, what was your playlist for Widow’s Web?

Jennifer: I don’t actually listen to music while I write. I find that I just tune it out anyway, so just a quiet space seems to work best for me when it comes to writing. I don’t usually do playlists for my books either. I never feel like I know enough about music to do that. However, one song that I do like and that I think fits Gin’s character pretty well is “Human” by The Pretenders. That’s just a great song.

Me: Can you tell us a little about your experience in getting published?

Jennifer: I wrote something like seven books over the course of several years before I got an agent and sold my first book. So it definitely didn’t happen overnight. My first book came out in 2007, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been writing and being published ever since.

Me: Do you have any advice for beginning writers in reference to writing a book and getting published?

Jennifer: I would definitely suggest that folks read in the genre they want to write in and just educate themselves about writing and the publishing process. Joining a critique or writers’ group may be helpful for some folks. Everyone’s process and needs are different. Writing/publishing can be a tough business, but I would say just to have fun with your writing and to not give up.

Me: So, can you tell us about your writing routine? When, where, how often, and if you have any special quirks or rituals?

Jennifer: I don’t really have any special quirks or rituals, and I write in my office. When I’m writing a rough draft, I just sit down and try to write at least 2,000 (or more) words a day every day until I have a draft that’s about 50,000 or 60,000 words or so. Then I let that sit for a few weeks before going back, reading through, and seeing how the story/characters/plot hold together. Then I start on my second draft and layer in more emotion, dialogue, description, action, etc. Then I let that draft sit for a while. I just repeat that process over and over again until I have a book that’s the best that I can make it.

Me: If your book/series were being made into a movie, who do you imagine playing the main characters?

Jennifer: I think Jennifer Garner would be cool as Gin, and I could see someone like Ryan Reynolds playing Finn. Hugh Jackman would be interesting as Owen.

Me: Who are your favorite authors and what are some of your favorite books?

Jennifer: Some of my favorite authors include Robin McKinley, Donald Westlake/Richard Stark, Ian Fleming, David Eddings, and too many other folks to name. Some of my favorite books are the Dortmunder series by Westlake; the Parker series by Stark; and Beauty by McKinley.

Me: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. You will never know how much it means to me to be able to talk with my favorite author. One more question: What can we expect from the next book in the Elemental Assassin series?

Jennifer: Thanks! That’s so nice of you to say. Deadly Sting, the eighth book in the series, will be out in April 2013. I can’t say too much about that one right now, except to say that Gin is in trouble once again. Hope everyone enjoy the book when it comes out. Happy reading!

Giveaway time! One winner (US Only) will get a print copy of Jennifer Estep’s Widow’s Web. This prize is provided by Jennifer Estep. You know why? Because she’s awesome. Details are on the rafflecopter.
I used to murder people for money, but lately it’s become more of a survival technique. Once an assassin, always an assassin. So much for being plain old Gin Blanco. With every lowlife in Ashland gunning for me, I don’t need another problem, but a new one has come to town anyway.

Salina might seem like a sweet Southern belle, but she’s really a dangerous enemy whose water elemental magic can go head-to-head with my own Ice and Stone power. Salina also has an intimate history with my lover, Owen Grayson, and now that she’s back, she thinks he’s hers for the taking. Salina’s playing a mysterious game that involves a shady local casino owner with a surprising connection to Owen. But they call me the Spider for a reason. I’m going to untangle her deadly scheme, even if it leaves my love affair hanging by a thread. ~ Add on Goodreads

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37 Responses to “Q&A and Giveaway: Jennifer Estep, Author of Widow’s Web”

  1. Ana♥

    Great interview 🙂 How exciting is it that you got to interview your fave author? FREAKING AMAZING! 🙂 Super happy for ya! *does happy dance* All great questions as well 🙂 o.O I absolutely love Hugh Jackman *sigh* I’m upset that I haven’t heard about this series sooner, but I’m so happy that I do now 🙂 Def adding this to my TBR list 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway and for the great interview <3


    • Ana♥

      ^_^ It’s an awesome feeling huh? Sharing the awesomeness!

      ooh really? That is amazing. YAY ^_^ Awesome dream cast

  2. Jennifer Estep

    Ana — Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the books.

    Jennifer — Thanks! I appreciate that. And thanks for hosting me on your blog.

    Jetches — Thanks! Glad you liked the interview.

  3. Jennifer Estep

    Whitewolfreads — Thanks! And that’s true about Hugh. LOL. I don’t know that I have a favorite out of the series. I like different things about all of them.

  4. Elisa

    Lovely interview and you are right, Miss Estep is awesome for the giveaway!!
    I have to agree, those actors would do more than justice to the characters 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win the latest install of Gin’s story.

  5. Janiera

    Great interview. I had not heard of this author but now i really want to read this book. The cover is beautiful too. 🙂

  6. Jennifer Estep

    Fakesteph — Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Elisa — Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Janiera — Thanks! Glad you liked the interview.

  7. Kristen Heyl

    Love the interview..especially the part about the writing routine because it just goes to show how different people are in how they work. This book looks awesome and I will have to get started on the series so that if I win I will be ready to read it right away.

  8. JenM

    Funny, Hugh Jackman gets mentioned all the time for various characters, but this is one time when I really agree. I can totally see him as Owen.

  9. Sarah (saz101)

    Jennifer, I LOVED this interview, and I’m so SO excited you got to interview JE! I KNOW how much you love the Elemental books–I think it’s one of the first series we ever discussed. You were doing a marathon of reviews of them RIGHT as I started bloggin! ♥

    • Jennifer L. Bielman

      Really????? Wow, I want your brain. I can’t remember what happen yesterday half the time. lol.

      This was the coolest interview ever. She really is a great author and person.

  10. Jess Overton

    I agree about Jen as Gin but I’ve always sort of saw Matt Damon as Owen or Ed Quinn (from Eureka) as Owen. And Mythos Academy is amazing and my favorite YA series.

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