Kindle & Nook Freebies #20

Posted December 10th, 2012 in Kindle Freebies, Nook Freebies / 12 comments

I was going to do a review today but there are sooooo many free ebooks out right now I had to share. Just click on the pictures to be taken to amazon to “purchase” the ebook.

Kindle Freebies

I got an interesting mixture of Paranormal, Erotica, and Contemporary Romance. Enjoy.

But before you go, can you guys help me with something. I need to know which Kindle links your prefer. Usually I have the link that has a picture of the book, the book title and author, and an amazon button. These are just the covers of the books which when clicked will take you to the amazon page just like the old links. Which do you prefer? I think these look more streamline but I don’t know if people will get confused about clicking them to be taken to the books’ amazon pages.

Nook Freebies

Which books did you end up getting?

Kindle Freebies, Nook Freebies

12 Responses to “Kindle & Nook Freebies #20”

  1. Alexia Sangrey Black

    I really like the way you did it today, with just a covers. For some reason, the listings you usually use for Kindle freebies NEVER show up on my email or browser! So today is like an extra treat.

    Thanks for all of your hard work, as usual! 😀


  2. Ashley Montgomery

    I really like the way you did it with just the books. You stated that by clicking on the pic it would take you to Amazon so I think it’s fine.

    Could you do it that way for the Nook Freebies too? I usually just skip to them since I have a Nook but I always scroll back up to look at the covers.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth

    It’s quite clever that the pictures show up on the feedburned email when you do it this way! The pictures look better on your blog too, when I tried to do it that way they were too small to see properly. I also had the problem of needing two different links for UK and US which was just confusing!
    Thanks for the freebies 🙂

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I know. I like that it shows up on email now. As for making the pictures bigger, there is an option for small and large pictures. Just choose large. They aren’t that big but big enough I think. As for UK and US seperaters. You can clump the UK first with the label UK on top, then clump the US ones together below that in the same order. That might work. I don’t know. Either way works.

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