Kindle and Nook Freebies #2

Posted August 14th, 2012 in Kindle Freebies, Nook Freebies / 15 comments

Kindle Freebies
(For at least today-8/14/12)

Nook Freebies
(Just click link for more info)

I was actually surprised by some of these free books. Especially Gena Showalter’s The Amazon’s Curse. I love everything Gena Showalter. You should try this book out and see if you are a fan too.

Kindle Freebies, Nook Freebies


15 Responses to “Kindle and Nook Freebies #2”

  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    A lot of these aren’t the same in the UK (as usual!) But I managed to get a couple!
    If anybody is having trouble getting ‘a hidden fire’ it’s free on smashwords at the mo too ☺
    Thanks Jennifer!

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