I Do What I Want #4: Beer Photoshop Project

Posted July 15th, 2015 in I Do What I Want, My Features / 21 comments

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Sometimes I just want to talk about random crap. No theme, no rules, just…whatever. That’s what I Do What I Want posts come in. This is where I…well, do whatever the hell I want. Enjoy…and be very afraid.

So I have a weird post today. I just got my next assignment for my Advanced Photoshop class. I have to create a beer bottle body label, neck label, and 6 pack case with my own made-up name/logo and design. I will have to actually print this crap out and paste it to an existing bottle and carrying case, which I already bought. I found this 6 pack at Bevmo and fell in love:

beer photoshop project

The bottle is black which I love. Now I need to replace all the labels with my own concepts. That’s my problem. I feel like I have ideas but none of them are amazing. I can pretty much do anything as long as it’s beer and I can create a demographic (age, gender, income level, and special interests) and base my design on all that.

So that’s where you girls come in. I want your ideas! Do you have any suggestions on what label/design I should come up with? I won’t share my ideas until later because I want your organic thoughts. I will for sure post again when the project is done and maybe you will see your idea come to life! No, you won’t win anything if I pick yours, don’t be greedy. hehehehe. I just thought it would be fun. Leave me your suggestions in the comments. It’s a free for all. No restrictions, well, probably no cuss words or anything super sexual. But that’s it. You can just give me a name or a color scheme, an idea for a logo or a slogan, or maybe just general design ideas. Anything is helpful. And if you got nothing, no worries, just wish me luck!

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21 Responses to “I Do What I Want #4: Beer Photoshop Project”

  1. Ashley

    I don’t have any suggestions, but I just wanted to say that this totally sounds like something you’d see on Young Apprentice. 😀

  2. Karen Blue

    This sounds so fun. I would love a project like this in school. Okay, what if you did a design like the cover of your favorite book?
    Something with the font of Emmy & Oliver or the people drawings like on Fangirl?
    Or, you could do just bubble thoughts like on the cover of The Fault in Our Stars?
    Or you could something like the cover of The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly with Just a person holding a beer and the name in small font?
    I would just have fun with this. It might be even more fun if you drink a beer or two and then just let your imagination take hold, lol.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      hehe, these are awesome ideas. I am going to have to start thinking of some covers and see if it works.

  3. kindlemom1

    I’m crap with this kind of thing but I do love that the bottle is black. I would definitely do something bold and red that stands out with your design.
    Good luck with it, I would love to see what you end up doing!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Beer for Booklovers would be amazing. I am trying to think how my label can represent that, you know?

  4. Braine

    Why don’t you expand your label, make it a “brand”, BAD BIRD DRINKS and mimic your blog design and make some parts glossy or like foil? And each label has a famous quote or something?

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, this was literally the idea I was thinking of. But the quotes would be an awesome addition.

  5. Kristin

    That’s really cool. I knew that I personally like beer bottles with cool designs on them. One I’ve drank had a “hops goblin” on the front. I can’t really give you ideas though. I’m absolutely horrible at coming up with things but I like Braine’s idea. I would totally buy that beer just for the label.

  6. Melliane

    Oh it’s an interesting thing to do but I confess that I’m not that imaginative so I don’t think I’ll be able to help…

  7. Christy

    Your target demographic could be women, probably in their 20s, even though I’d love this. Since you have the black bottle, make it kind of a contrast of girly and dark. You know? Make the labels with black, lightish pink, and touches of silver. I’m too tired to think of a name. But I know lots of girls who would gravitate towards something like that.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I keep going back and forth on making a beer for girls or sticking with the popular male audience.

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