Happy New Year! – 2017

Posted December 31st, 2016 in Holiday / 12 comments

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Amazing New Year! I will be at Morongo Casino with some friends for the countdown. Wish me luck. If I could win back some of the money I spent during Christmas that would be helpful. lol. I was a loser last time at the casino so by the law of ‘fairdom’ and ‘equalness’ I have to be a winner this time. 😀 It’s pretty fun there for New Years. I’ve been once before. It gets crazy crowded though, which it not my thing. I just have to wave my arms around and yell, “This is my protective bubble, don’t pop it,” and usually everyone leaves me alone. O_o

If you are around the Blogosphere, let me know what you will be doing or did (depending on when you read this) for the New Year. I love hearing about your adventures, even if they are adventures in a book.


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  1. chucklesthescot

    Sadly I don’t really have adventures now but last night I did have fun binge watching the first half of The Walking Dead season two…yes I’m way behind! I hope you had fun and got in a few wins at the casino! Happy New Year!

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