Guest Post: What Inspired Me to Write Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly (Blog Tour)

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Guest Post: What Inspired Me to Write Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly (Blog Tour)

Guest Post: What Inspired Me to Write Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly (Blog Tour)Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly
Publisher: Self-Published on January 2013
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 404
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Julian is drop-dead gorgeous, annoyingly provocative, and he’s fast becoming her best friend. But he also has a secret that makes the little hairs on her arms stand on end…

My name is Jona Montiniere, and that’s pretty much the only good thing to say about me.

I’m seventeen, I’m snarky, and I’m a crap-load of trouble. Or so they say. But what did they expect from me really, when they dumped me in an orphanage at age five? That I’d grow up to become the new first lady? Nah, I think it’s much more fun to raid Camden Market in London with my friend, Debby. She’s cool. She lives on the street. I learned so much from her.

The only thing she missed to teach me was how to tend to a vineyard. And yeah, that’s what I’m going to do for the next 6 weeks, courtesy to this darn judge, who sent me off to France after I was caught stealing again. Fair enough, the vineyards are okay, and so are my aunt and uncle, who I haven’t met up ‘til now. What isn’t okay, and I mean it, is that I have to live in the same house with my mother, that god-awful dragon, who spurned when I was only a child. And now she wants me back? Demands my forgiveness? Why, because she’s about to die of cancer? Uh-uh. Sorry, but that’s not gonna happen. I want no contact with that woman, thanks.

But what’s Julian got to do with all of this? About my age, he’s too young to be my mother’s lover. So why doesn’t he leave her side? Ever. He’s different, as in the paranormal kind of different, but he’s sa-woon-worthy gorgeous. He obviously has secrets, but he’s also get-under-my-skin charming. In short, he’s a riddle to me. But he likes me, and that’s scaring the shit out of me. I sure won’t let anyone come too close.

So now I’m wondering only two things: How did he manage to hold me in his arms after only three days? And how the hell do you keep an angel earth bound?

Welcome to the Loving Your Lies Blog Tour. Honestly, I have no idea why this book interests me but it does. It has a hell of a lot of good reviews on Goodreads, which intrigues me more. Check out what inspired Piper to write Loving Your Lies and see if your are interested in this book as well.

 Guest Post

What Inspired Me to Write Loving Your Lies

by Piper Shelly


Three things:

A personal meeting with my guardian angel.

A journey through France when I was fourteen.

And shaking a young man’s hand in London.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging like this. 😉


The first thing, the angel experience, is something I talked about in a very long article already, so I guess it’s okay not to repeat it all here. If you want to know more about ‘real’ Julian, click this link and find out who he really is.


The journey through France was amazing. We, that is me and my two cousins, were packed into a trailer my aunt and uncle rented for three weeks, and we drove from the north of the country to the south, stopping in every other town for some sightseeing. We were teenagers—frankly, it bored the hell out of us. But every now and then we came by some really beautiful places, such as the lovely vineyards in the Provence, and I pictured running through them with a sweet guy chasing me. He had the bluest eyes imaginable.

Yeah, that was that. It just had to go into my novel!


Okay, now let’s talk about the last thing on the list. The handshaking. Well, it was really more than just that. I’m talking about a young man here, who I knew for a long time…but only from chats and emails. We had a lot of things in common, but we were even more different. That’s what made out friendship so interesting I think.


Now, this guy was from England, and since I had already planned a trip to London with a friend at that time, I thought it would be cool (and I mean really epic) to meet this guy in person while I was there. He was a little skeptical at first for several reasons I can’t give you here, but at the last possible moment, he said—and please let me quote him here: …However, this is a load of crap and I should just do something that I am scared of for once, as someone once said, “You only regret what you don’t do”, so on that note fuck it, Saturday the 25th


That was our date! 😉


He came, we met, we both were a little nervous and majorly excited, and I shook his hand. Kazaam! This guy was a nice head taller than me, but he had the most childlike hands I’d ever touched. When we got comfortable with each other, I even dared to play with his hands, feel them, explore them (you get this all in a certain chapter in my book 😉 )


“They are strangely feminine, aren’t they?” he said to me. I used to call them angelic. They were slim, soft, and some seriously strange energy was running through them.


That happened a very long time ago. And it was like with most of these intense relationships you have in your life. They come, they stay with you for a while, and they go. I don’t know what this guy does right now. We broke contact when other things came up in our lives that kept us busy. But when I think back to him, it’s his hands I miss the most.


This experience made out a great part of Loving Your Lies. And the guy probably doesn’t even know…


So maybe now you understand the story and my motivation to write it a little more. 🙂




About Piper Shelly

The quick-and-dirty:
I’m a cool girl with a passion for writing.
The genres you’ll find me hanging out at are contemporary and paranormal YA, but I’m also snooping into some adult paranormal right now. All of them romances…of course.
The nitty-gritty:
I’m an Austrian lass—totally uncomplicated and up to anything fun.
I grew up in Vienna, not by free will but because my parents decided to move there when I was only 4 years old. I. Hated. The. City. Everything about it. So right after graduation I moved back to Upper Austria, where I settled down with a nice husband and an awesome laptop.
I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Already in kindergarten, I came up with the most exotic fantasies and tales. My teacher would call me a liar. I call it the cornerstone of my writing career.
People always told me you can’t make a living with being an author. So when my first novella PLAY WITH ME came out and shot straight to the stars within the first week, I was totally dumbstruck. Took me a while to realize what was happening, LOL.
And the personal stuff:
At the (awesome) age of seventeen, I met the love of my life. But he was a playboy, and I was so not going to be his next trophy. It took him another four years of fighting for me until I finally decided to give that “couple-thing” with him a shot. I’m now married to this man. 😉

We have an eleven-year-old son, and together we travel a lot…although I sometimes wish the trips were shorter because I can’t wait to get back to my laptop and my many stories. Unless we’re in Disneyland. No stress to go home then…

If you still want to know more about me, my FAQ page is the right address for you. 😉

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  1. Braine Talk Supe

    I believe in fateful events, it’s so powerful when you experience one. It’s proof that there is something/someone bigger than us because things align so perfectly and it sets off this awesome timeline that might not have happened if that simplistic event didn’t occur.

  2. Jaclyn Canada

    I think it’s amazing how certain things stick with you and mean more than you could ever have imagined. I loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing 😀

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