Guest Post & Giveaway: Walled by Anne Tibbets (Book Blitz)

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Walled by Anne Tibbets (Book Blitz)

Guest Post & Giveaway: Walled by Anne Tibbets (Book Blitz)Walled by Anne Tibbets
Publisher: Carina Press (HQN) on December 1, 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult
Pages: Novel Length
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Freedom means making brutal choices.

Rebel lovers Naya and Ric have survived one year in hiding, raising Naya’s twins from infants to toddlers in the shadow of the brutal Auberge dictatorship. They’re alive, and they’re together, but the city is crumbling around them and the haunting memory of Naya’s dark days on The Line have never fully left them. Living in isolation won’t be an option forever.

When a mysterious revolutionary seeks their help to infiltrate Auberge’s electronic heart and shut it down, it’s an opportunity—it’s risky, yes, but if it works they’ll get out of the city and taste freedom for the first time. Naya needs this. They need this.

Beyond the broken walls of Auberge, Naya and Ric find the paradise they’ve always longed for. But with anarchy reigning and Naya’s children lost amidst the chaos, they’ll need to forfeit their post-apocalyptic Eden…or commit an unspeakable act.

Book two of two.

Welcome to the Walled Book Blitz. I read the first book of the series, Carrier, and really enjoyed it. Now I am reading Walled and it’s getting very exciting. I hope you enjoy the guest post below where Anne talks about New Adult in non-contemporary genres. Finally! And the giveaway at the end is for the ebook Carrier.

 Guest Post

Expanding New Adult Beyond Contemporary

 by Anne Tibbets

I have very odd taste when it comes to reading. I don’t like just one thing. I go on binges. I’ll read three fantasies, followed by several science fiction titles, followed by a couple historicals, then off to a contemporary romance, then a horror or a thriller – I’m all over the place, in almost all categories (YA, NA, adult) and I believe most readers are like me. Readers don’t read just one thing. We cast a wide net.

So when I hear opinions that New Adult is a contemporary romance category only – my argument to that is, “So far.”

I truly believe that yes, New Adult is a thing, and it’s real, but it’s also evolving. I love the fact that publishers and indie authors are evolving with New Adult, too. There are so many titles out there now that go beyond the “Damaged Girl Meets Boy” story, which I love for reasons all it’s own, but because readers are naturally inclined to want variety, there are also “Girl From Wrong Side of Tracks Falls for Wrong Guy” (aka. WILD ONES by Kristine Wyllys), “Girl on Trial for Murder in Cyber-Prison” (aka. THE WICKED WE HAVE DONE by Sarah Harian), and “Girl Sees Dead People, Literally,” (aka. DARK PARADISE by Angie Sandro), and if I may be so bold as to include “Girl Battles Mega-Corporation in Dystopian Society,” (aka. CARRIER by Anne Tibbets) – all these being New Adult titles that go beyond the confines of contemporary romance.

So, I guess what I’m proposing is if you’re getting a little burnt out on New Adult, well GUESS WHAT? Options.

Because just like how New Adult is evolving, so are its readers.

About Anne Tibbets

Anne Tibbets is an SCBWI award-winning and Best Selling author. After writing for Children’s television, Anne found her way to young/new adult fiction by following what she loves: books, strong female characters, twisted family dynamics, magic, sword fights, quick moving plots, and ferocious and cuddly animals.

Along with CARRIER, Anne is also the author of the young adult fantasy novella, THE BEAST CALL and the young adult contemporary, SHUT UP.

Anne divides her time between writing, her family, and three furry creatures that she secretly believes are plotting her assassination.


Win the first ebook of the Line series, Carrier. I read it and loved it! Open Internationally. Ends Dec 15th.

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16 Responses to “Guest Post & Giveaway: Walled by Anne Tibbets (Book Blitz)”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    I have yet to read a New Adult Contemporary, but I have devoured several of the paranormal variety, so although I agree that the former is definitely more prevalent in this genre, there are indeed options. You just have to know where to look. Like Walled, right? 😀

  2. kindlemom1

    I love this because I am the same way. I rarely read the same genre all week (unless I only read one book that week) and I love how ALL genres are evolving over time. I remember in high school the paranormal genre was much different than it is today and I love it.

  3. Braine Talk Supe

    I’m the same, I can’t stick to just one genre and I do love how the NA genre is evolving. I personally can’t stand the contemporaries apart from a select few, I can tolerate the fantasy ones better though.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL. I have grown to love contemp books more and more this past year. I use to be about the paranormal only, but I guess my tastes have grown.

  4. Olivia

    I can’t wait for NA to evolve into something more as well, because I am not too much a fan of the borderline erotica stories. But I have read Carrier AND Walled by Anne Tibbets and I absolutely loved them both! Favourite series list now :3 So you should really try these!

  5. laura thomas

    I have got to get started on this series!
    I’m all over the place as far as genres. I’ve even started to read some erotica. I trusted a few authors who moved into the genre and loved their stories. Makes me wonder how many good books I’ve missed because of preconceptions.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I love erotica too. It took me some time to warm up to the idea, but there are some amazing eroticas out there.

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