Guest Post: Authors to Stalk Like a Creeper by T.A. Grey, Author of The Loneliest Alpha (Blog Tour)

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Welcome to The Loneliest Alpha Blog Tour. The Loneliest Alpha by T. A. Grey is a paranormal erotic romance that has me salivating to grab a copy. I hope you enjoy the guest post below by T. A. The author picked some really great authors to stalk, I know I even stalk a few already.

The Loneliest Alpha
The Untouchables, Book One

By T. A. Grey
Genre: paranormal erotic romance
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One look will change their lives forever.

Lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson just had to open her stupid mouth. Now thanks to trying to defend a fellow pack mate, Alicia’s been blindfolded, tied up, and carted off to the new alpha of the Oregon pack—Gavin MacKellen.

However, the blindfold doesn’t come off so soon. Alicia’s curiosity gets fired up when Gavin refuses to reveal his face to her. Just what happened to him? He talks to her from shadowy corners and behind closed doors. The man is as allusive as a squirrely fox, but Alicia doesn’t play games and the quiet spoken, hoarse voiced alpha doesn’t stand a chance against her. They settle on an agreement, thirty days for them to get to know each other because that’s the only way this cowboy alpha will have it.

Gavin MacKellen needs a mate. But he knows no good woman would ever want to look at his face after the incident he suffered. After one look at Alicia Clarkson all his plans fly out the window. The woman’s beauty has him damn stunned speechless. She torments his thoughts and Gavin finds himself yearning to know everything about her. As relationship forms, love threatens to grow between them but Gavin struggles to cope with his physical appearance in the face of the beautiful Alicia.

Will she be the one to stand in the face of a monster and accept or will she turn her back on him as everyone else has?
Authors to Stalk like a Creeper
By T. A. Grey
Something I’ve been asked by a great lady on my street team is which authors do I stalk. I definitely have my List of Authors I Stalk Religiously. Below you will find a list of authors whose work makes me tingle, smile, laugh out loud, grimace, and sometimes cry. These are my go-to authors, and many of their books I’ve re-read multiple times because they always take me to an entertaining new world that I love to visit.
1. Kresley Cole – Immortals After Dark Series
I am a big KC stalker. I first found this author BEFORE she wrote paranormal romances. She had written a pirate and highlander series, which I just love and highly, highly recommend. After she switched genres to write the incredible IAD series I felt like I’d struck gold. I anxiously await what she writes. Often when I’m looking for a good read I’ll re-read some of my favorites from her backlist.

2. Monica McCarty – Historical Romances
I stalk this lady’s historicals. She’s written so many now, thank god, and it’s still never enough. She can balance that perfect amount of heat, atmosphere, and action for me. Several of her books are re-readable. I already have her next title pre-ordered. Oh yes!
3. JR Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood
I almost feel like mentioning this series should be a given but I’ll put it up here anyway. I love this series (though some books much more than others) and I can’t wait for the once-a-year release from Ward in this series. Sometimes when I need a pick me up I’ll grab a book and read about Wrath, Zsadist, or Butch. The pages on Wrath’s book are literally coming loose in some spots. I first bought that book on the bottom shelf at a Walmart before Ward was a bestselling author. The book was even marked down! Yeah, I don’t see that anymore! My favorite for those who are wondering is Butch. I love my some Butch.
4. Nalini Singh – Psy-Changeling Series
If you haven’t read her Psy-Changeling series then what are you waiting for? This series is different. It feels a little sci-fi, paranormal, alternate reality/futuristic. It’s phenomenal! It’s about the psy—unfeeling people whose minds are microchipped into a “net” that doesn’t allow them to experience feelings. Pair that with the very “touchy-feely” shifters who are warm and loving and it’s instant, delicious conflict. I adore this series. Sometimes I even have to go back and re-read my favorites.

5. Maya Banks – Highland Series
Maya Banks writes so many series and books. This is great for people who are fans of hers. I personally love her Highland series. I pre-order the next title when it’s ready and gobble the book up the second they are released. I’ve already re-read a book or two in this serious. I have a huge soft spot for historical romances and highland romances. One day I hope to write my own series!
Author Bio
I love to write the kind of stories that will keep you up late at night and make your heart pound. It’s my goal to make each new book better, more exciting, and more action-packed to keep thrilling you. I’m always trying to push the boundaries with my imagination, and yours, to create something new and different.

Open up one of my novels and you will find hot, erotic stories that will make you laugh out loud, cry, and fly through the pages. I write addictive love stories and I hope you like them.

Visit my website to learn more about my books at

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  1. sshah605

    Kresley Cole, J.R.Ward, Nalini Singh are some of my favorite authors too! And I read Cherished by Maya Banks a few months ago and have been her fan since then! The books they have written are absolutely delish! Also I love Beauty and the Beast type stories so I look forward to reading ‘The Loneliest Alpha ‘ !!

    – Gayatri @ Notorious Writer.

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