Excerpt & Giveaway: The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto (Book Blitz)

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Welcome to The Haunting Season Book Blitz. I have a creepy book excerpt that will give you the chills. And I have a giveaway below for The Haunting Season ebook. Thanks to the author, Michelle Muto, for making this all possible.

The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

Publication date: December 21st 2012
by Dreamscapes, Ink
Genre: New Adult Paranormal/Ghosts

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Be careful what you let in…

Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. One is a girl possessed. Another just wants to forget. The third is a guy who really knows how to turn up the August heat, not to mention Jess’s heart rate…when he’s not resurrecting the dead.

The study soon turns into something far more sinister when they discover that Siler House and the dark forces within are determined to keep them forever. In order to escape, Jess and the others will have to open themselves up to the true horror of Siler House and channel the very evil that has welcomed them all.

It was only when the crickets and frogs stopped that Jess awoke. She blinked, trying to adjust her eyes to the dark. She turned back over, expecting Allison to be either still sitting up, or asleep. But her bed was empty and Allison stood in front of the dresser, hands at her sides, staring at the mirror. Alarmed, Jess sat upright.

“It’s happening again,” Allison said.


“The spirits. They’re back. I can see them.”

Jess rubbed her eyes as a spark of uncertainty and a moment’s worth of fear rustled somewhere deep inside her. “They’re there, in the mirror?”


Jess got out of bed and tentatively stood next to Allison. She looked at the mirror, then behind her. Nothing. Uncertainty gave way to disappointment. The mirror cast back only the shadowy figures of Allison and herself, their faces made pale by the moonlight streaming into the room. They were alone, as far as Jess could tell.

Damn it! Why couldn’t shesee the ghosts? Were they here? Disappointment gave way to a pang of envy.

“You don’t seem as upset as you were before,” Jess said. “If they’re back, aren’t you afraid they’ll take over? Possess you?” She wasn’t making fun of Allison. Something horrible hadhappened to her, and she was probably more sensitive to the supernatural than Jess was.

“Yes, I’m afraid,” Allison replied calmly.

The way Allison spoke seemed at odds with her words. The hairs on Jess’s arms tingled, but not because of any ghosts she couldn’t see. Right now, the only thing creepy in the room was Allison. The girl had been possessed, after all.

Allison turned her head to look at Jess, her expression unreadable in the shadows, even this close up. “He collects souls.”

Jess peered harder into the mirror, trying not to show Allison she was indeed afraid. “He? Who are you talking about?”

“He’s looking at you. I can’t make out what he’s saying. But see?” she pointed to the mirror. “He wrote his name.”

Fear and a healthy dose of agitation rose inside Jess. Fear, because someone staring at them from inside a mirror was downright scary. Agitated, because she couldn’t see anything, and Allison’s continual freak-outs were wearing on her. After a long day getting here, she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.

“Allison, I don’t see anything! He? Who are you talking about?”

Riley,” Allison whispered.

“Riley? Who’s Riley?”

Allison stood just as still as she had upon Jess’s wakening. “He lives here. With the others.”

“Others?” Jess stepped closer to the mirror, leaning against the dresser to get a better look. Her breath fogged it enough to reveal a single name, written backward: Riley.

Author Bio
Michelle Muto lives in northeast Georgia with her husband and two dogs. She loves changes of season, dogs, and all things geeky. Currently, she’s hard at work on her next book.

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17 Responses to “Excerpt & Giveaway: The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto (Book Blitz)”

  1. Elisa

    That was an awesomely creepy excerpt! I want to read this. I have only experienced my own nerves and brain phantasms. My mom however has had a few experiences, some guy riding his bike on the side of the road, disappearing and ending up ahead of her and poking a stick at her car (now me I would think I was hallucinating, but she swears some guy died there while riding his bike – reminded me of the hitchiker in Anna Dressed in Blood.) She also had an old doll that the hair fell off and in the middle of the night she felt something tug at her hair, she decided it was the ghost in the doll requesting she fix the hair right away. Real? I don’t know but pretty freaky nonetheless!

  2. Meghan

    I saw two legs walk across the landing upstairs in my house once. I thought it was my brother so I yelled out his name. He came from downstairs. He checked upstairs but couldn’t find anyone. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a ghost.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    Ghosts really creep me out. Those are the only scary movies that really scare me. I lived in a house when I was 11 that my sister (who is 8 years older than me) was really excited to move out of when she got married because everyone said it was haunted. Ceiling fans turned on for no reason, flashing lights in the corners, and my stuffed animals turned on my themselves. Anyway, next door a lady had died years ago in her house and my mom’s boyfriend was tearing it down. My sister told them they had to wait for her to leave before they did it. When we burned the last remnants of it to ashes, a week later our house burned down. My sister still swears it was her ghost that did it. Anyway, that’s my ghost story 😀 Thanks so much for the excerpt and giveaway! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

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