Excerpt & Giveaway: Recklessly His by Nicole Snow (Book Blitz)

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Excerpt & Giveaway: Recklessly His by Nicole Snow (Book Blitz)

Excerpt & Giveaway: Recklessly His by Nicole Snow (Book Blitz)Recklessly His by Nicole Snow
Publisher: Self-Published on February 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 288
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He was supposed to be my big break – not my total breakdown. Interviewing Anton Ivankov, the infamous kingpin, was my chance to outrun my broken past. I came ready, determined, but nothing truly could’ve prepared me for him.

Anton wasn’t supposed to be so damned handsome. He wasn’t supposed to have a heart. And he definitely wasn’t supposed to make me a pawn in his prison break.

Now, he’s making me question everything I’ve ever known, replacing common sense with raw desire. Can I escape before he’s done playing wrecking ball – or will this mad need to leap into his bed ruin me forever?


I never knew looks could blindside a man until I saw her. Sabrina was destined to be my ticket outta this hellhole and a secret weapon in our street war.

Except I’m not working for family fortune anymore. Every time we touch, it’s lightning, dangerous and divine.

Hurricane Sabrina’s blinding me to the mission. Her twisted uncle needs to pay big time, but she’s got me so distracted I can barely think. I’ll kill for this girl, anything to hear her beg for one dirty, reckless, unforgettable night.

Good thing I never fail. I’ll do whatever it takes to finish this war and end this Romeo and Juliet crap for good. The only happy ending here is making sure her panties, her heart, her everything are mine, and I’m gonna have it all. I always do.

Welcome to the Recklessly His Book Blitz. This book sounds rough! And I love it. You can tell Anton is a take no prisoners kind of guy, and it’s thrilling. If the excerpt interests you, make sure to enter the giveaway at the end for the chance to win the ebook.

 Book Excerpt


He’d taken me, forced me to break the law, pulled me into the world I’d tried to so hard to avoid. Damn it! I had a hundred reasons to hate him, but my eyes disagreed with my heart. They only saw a beautiful, damaged, heavily tattooed angel with a scar glowing on his cheek, dark as the ink going up his arms and meeting in the firebird on his chest.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” I wasn’t sure why I asked the question.

His hungry eyes already held the answer. They looked me up and down, following my curves, burning my contours into his screwed up brain.

He wanted to fuck me, use me for his pleasure, and then use me again to get at my uncle. I was his secret weapon in a war that started before I was old enough to realize what it was all about.

“Your cooperation,” he said. “Same fucking thing I told you I wanted in the truck. Believe it or not, part of me wishes it didn’t have to come down like this, Sabrina. I would’ve fucking loved wining and dining you in another life – one where wasted family blood doesn’t make vengeance my only obsession.”

His tongue quickly flicked across his lips. Just then, I didn’t believe fulfilling an old vendetta was the only fixation on his mind. He stepped closer, putting his knee on the edge of the bed, closing the distance between us…

Need - Recklessly His by Nicole Snow


About Nicole Snow

Nicole Snow is a sweet, unassuming young woman. You'd never suspect the deeply sensual, sometimes depraved fantasies raging behind her eyes.

She started writing erotica to escape the boring drudgery of a desk job. In fiction, there are no rules and no boundaries. Everything is on the table, no matter how forbidden.

Today, Nicole serves up some of the bestselling erotica and erotic romance on the shelves. She welcomes comments from readers at nicolesnowerotica@gmail.com

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And yes, Nicole is hard at work on her next book!


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    I’m a huge fan of Nicole’s and she makes some really rough alphas!! I absolutely love them.. I’ve read several of her books and would highly recommend them!

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