Excerpt & Giveaway: Breaking Away Series by Meli Raine (Book Blitz)

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Excerpt & Giveaway: Breaking Away Series by Meli Raine (Book Blitz)

Excerpt & Giveaway: Breaking Away Series by Meli Raine (Book Blitz)Breaking Away Series by Meli Raine
on March 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
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Finding Allie (Breaking Away #1)
Chase Halloway’s father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town.
My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I’m pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago.
I’m not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He’s not supposed to know I even exist.
But when he finds me, he can’t let go.
And when I find myself in his arms?
I hold tight.
I have to.
Because if I don’t, I might just die.
With or without him.

Chasing Allie (Breaking Away #2)
It turns out my stepfather has plans for me.
Plans that make dying look like a walk in the park.
He’s selling my virginity to a Mexican drug lord to get out of debt.
Chase just found out and is here to take me away to safety. To the ocean. To my dreams.
But while I’m gone, a murder takes place back home.
I receive a phone call. It’s the police.
I’m the prime suspect.
And if I go back, I may become the prime victim.
They say love conquers all, but can Chase save me from this?

Keeping Allie (Breaking Away #3)
I’m alone, tied up, bleeding and terrified.
I’m a prisoner at the Atlas motorcycle club compound. Someone kidnapped me, and it looks like it’s Chase.
No one knows I’m here. Then again, I’m no one, right? No mother, no stepfather, and my sister may have been kidnapped, too
They can make me disappear. Or worse. It turns out there are worse things than disappearing.
I thought Chase was my only hope.
Now he turns out to be my worst nightmare.
Something flickers in his eyes, though. A glimmer of love. If I can get him alone, maybe I can convince him to let me go. To let me live.
To let me go back to a time when I thought he was a good guy.
Only Chase has the power to make that happen.
Everything I am is in his hands right now.
And those hands are about to touch me.

Welcome to the Breaking Away Series Book Blitz. I thought these books sounded interesting. Biker romance, people!! Enjoy the excerpt and enter the giveaway at the end.

 Book Excerpt

The door opens just as Jeff comes so close to me, his hand reaching for my shoulder. Or maybe my neck.

It’s Chase.

And he’s holding a shotgun.

Pointed right at Jeff’s head.

Whatever I was about to scream back at Jeff dies in my throat. All I can say is, “Chase?”

I can’t believe my eyes. Is that really Chase across the bar? Jeff is staring at him like he wants to kill him. And he does. My heart slams against the bones of my ribs like it’s trying to break through. Maybe I should let it. Then it wouldn’t hurt so much.

The tension between Chase and Jeff just might break me. I could give in to it. Not because I care about Jeff, but because all I want to do right now is throw myself into Chase’s arms.

But Chase’s arms are kind of full right now. He’s holding a cocked shotgun. And it’s pointed at Jeff’s face, right between the eyes. A strange cheer rises inside me. It doesn’t have a name. If it did, it would be named hope. Right now, hope is the only good thing that’s about to come out of the brewing fight between the man who I think is my future and the man who holds me back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, boy?” Jeff’s words ring out across the empty bar. The stale scent of old cigarettes blends with the anger in the air. It all makes my stomach hurt. Chase ignores me, though. Why is he pretending I’m not here?

He sees me. I know he does. I am the reason why he is here and everything in me burns for him.

“I’m here to set free what you’ve been keeping prisoner for far too long, old man,” Chase answers my stepdad. A shiver runs through me. I’ve never seen him like this and it makes me wonder what else I don’t know about him.

“Prisoner? Who the fuck do you think I’ve been keeping prisoner?” Both sets of eyes turn and look at me. I am the prisoner. Jeff knows damn well that I’m who Chase has come for.

“Me.” My word brings out like a thunder clap. It echoes against walls I’ve washed, floors I’ve mopped, bars I wiped a thousand times. It bounces off all the memories I have of my mother. It roams through the air to stop just short of Jeff’s face.

Like a shotgun.

Jeff just barks out a disgusted laugh.

“I know what you plan to do with her,” Chase says in a tone that makes my spine go cold.

Do with me?” I ask, confused. I look at Jeff. He reddens. What are they talking about?

“You don’t know shit,” he says to Chase, casting a nervous glance at me. “Now get out of here before I call the cops. Bet that gun ain’t registered and you don’t have a license to fire, either.”

“Try me, old man. Call the cops. I got a lot I can tell them about you.” Chase is looking at Jeff with the cold gleam of murder in his eye. I can tell he can taste it. Now I understand the phrase “out for blood.”

I can see it in Chase’s face.

“What do you want?” Jeff asks. “Money? Booze?”


“Nope. Can’t have her.” Jeff shakes his head slowly, as if that solidifies it.

Her is standing right here, you two! Her has a name!” I yell out. I’m getting angry with both of them now, talking about me like I’m a prize you win and fight over. Like I’m a bone two dogs are playing tug of war with.

“He’s planning to sell you off, Allie,” Chase says slowly. His words are measured and he’s speaking carefully. His eye is fixed on Jeff, finger on the trigger, though. He’s not losing focus. There’s a tone of sadness in his words, like he doesn’t want to say them.

Sell me? What do you mean, Chase? There’s no such thing.” I stare at him, completely dumbfounded. When I frown, my scabbed-over road rash hurts. I brush my hair behind my ear and a piece catches in the scab. I wince. “You can’t sell a person.”

Jeff chuckles. “Told you. The boy is nuts.” But his eyes are wary. Shifty. Cunning. He’s afraid.

Afraid of…me?

More like afraid of the truth. Of being caught. Of being exposed. All my skin goes numb at the thought that Jeff’s hiding something and Chase knows what it is.

“Allie, move away from him.” Chase’s words make it clear I need to obey. I do, moving out of Jeff’s grabbing range.

“Chase, this is really weird. I don’t understand,” I plead, trying to figure out what’s going on.

Chase just stares at Jeff. “Let’s just say I learned through the grapevine why Wakefield here has been so protective of you. Two years ago he got himself into a big mess. A deadly mess.”

My heart goes cold. Two years ago? That’s when Mom died.

“And he made a deal,” Chase continues. He says the word “deal” like it’s distasteful.

“Shut up, boy. You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jeff says. He’s standing next to the bar and I see his hand slowly move toward his hip. What’s he reaching for?

Are my boyfriend and my stepfather seriously facing off over me, with guns involved? What is Chase babbling about—me, being sold?

“That’s why he was so worried about your virginity, Allie. You need to be pure. He’s trading you for six figures of debt he owes a Mexican drug lord.” Chase’s voice is filled with anger and resentment, seething with righteous indignation.

“WHAT?” I scream, looking at Jeff.

About Meli Raine

Meli Raine rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.
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