Early Review: Threefold by Sotia Lazu

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Early Review: Threefold by Sotia LazuThreefold by Sotia Lazu
Publisher: Acelette Press on October 16, 2015
Genres: Romance, Erotica
Format: eARC
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Rating: three-half-stars

Colin Daniels is shallow, and proud of it. He only concerns himself with people who live up to his standards of beauty, and his best friend's new girlfriend is found lacking. Becca is curvy, loud, and apparently all for public displays of affection.

None of that would matter, if Colin didn't find her sexy despite his better judgment.
Brad Miller thought he was being attentive to his girlfriend's needs when he talked his best friend into having sex with her. It's Becca's fantasy he wants to fulfill, and that's the only reason he's trying to convince Colin to join the two of them on her birthday. Colin stubbornly insists it's a bad idea. Feelings may develop and risk their friendship, as well as Brad's relationship with Becca.
Becca Keith was never a one-man woman until she met Brad, but he's made monogamy fun, and she's head over heels for him. Her thirtieth birthday is in a few days, and Brad has promised her a rather unique gift—his best friend, cocky and irresistible Colin.

When Brad comes to her with a confession and a suggestion, Becca has a choice to make. She can stay with Brad, leave him, or give in to something that might make her happy beyond her wildest dreams.

Note: Previously published as separate novellas

I've been a bad bird. This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years old due to its use of sexual content, substance use, and/or violence. Come be a bad bird with me!

At A Glance

A pretty decent erotica.

The Good

I actually really liked Becca, Brad, and Colin. They felt real, flaws and all. Beeca was a free spirit, wild, and forward. She doesn’t let her little extra weight get her down. Brad is conservative, but Becca helps him release his inner sexy Alpha. Colin is a playboy through and through, but he has deep emotions that spring to life when Becca and Brad invite him into their bed.

Becca, Brad, and Colin battle their feelings and doubts as they find themselves more drawn to each other. I love how it’s not just about Becca getting two guys, but also about Colin revealing his feelings for Brad, his long time friend. So scary but it spices things up.

I was engaged the whole time. I loved seeing how these three got together despite their hang-ups. They really did seem like they were meant to be together.

The Bad

The time spent in the characters’ heads was daunting. It dragged on and on. I just wanted them to get over themselves and the drama they created out of thin air.

If we got deeper into these characters lives, this story could have really gone places. We get glimpses, but nothing substantial.

The Snuggly

I liked the sex. It was hot and you guys know I love MMF.

Final Thoughts

Though there is some serious scenes, this is mainly for the drama and sex, which was fine with me. I read this while I was sick and it worked. Nothing too heavy, but still entertaining. Recommended


Brad raised his hips to meet the movements of her hand. Maybe she wasn’t good for him after all. She was making him completely forget he was Mr. Cleancut. He’ll regret it when he came to his senses.

Colin faced the screen, but kept sliding his gaze to what Becca was doing. His mouth was dry. Beside him, Brad panted. Brad looked straight ahead, but when Colin chanced a more lingering look at his friends face, he saw Brad’s jaw was clenched, his eyes squeezed tight.

Colin was so hard, it hurt.


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25 Responses to “Early Review: Threefold by Sotia Lazu”

  1. Braine

    Aren’t you relieved you can’t read minds? Insight go crazy if I can hear people’s drama in their heads. Heck, I can’t even handle my own! At least they all managed towork out their issues

  2. Nathan

    I haven’t read a book really like this one yet. I read Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day and it was hot off the chart. it was my first erotica. This a genre among a few that are new to me.
    I hope your feeling better.

  3. Christy

    Becca sounds like my kinda girl! Ugh, but I can only take so much time in the characters head like that. As long as the sex makes up for it …

  4. Kristin

    Sounds like an entertaining book. Sucks that you get stuck in their heads so much. The fact that you still enjoyed it otherwise is hopeful. I will have to keep an eye out for this one.

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