Cover Reveal: Waking Up Immortal by Rachel Carrington

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Waking Up Immortal

What I Think: I am going to be honest. I agreed to do this cover reveal for Rachel before I saw this cover. To be fair, the covers for her other books are really nice. Unfortunately, I really don’t like this cover at all. But that’s okay. We don’t all have to love every book cover. And who knows, the story might actually be amazing. What’s funny is the girl who narrates the blurb talks about her guy being a possible body double of Sylvester Stallone. I got to give some props because this guy on the cover is perfect for that description.  

I could die today, and it wouldn’t matter. I’d still wake up tomorrow. Some people might consider that a good thing, and the time I took my first bullet, well, I can’t say I complained when I woke up, but that’s the middle of the story.

At first I didn’t want this “gift” which led me to a long search for my father. I thought he could help me. Turns out my father was in prison, and I just happened to get on the bad side of his warden—a huge, cyborg type of guy who could body double for Sylvester Stallone. He didn’t want me to see my father, and he was a pretty big obstacle for me to overcome.

So here I am trying to convince this guy, Kier, to let me see my father when all hell breaks loose. Then I suddenly learn I really don’t want to see dear old Dad after all. My life isn’t in danger, but how I spend the rest of my immortal existence is. The only thing standing between me and certain torture is Kier.

I don’t doubt he’ll protect me, but being so close to him makes me forget about things like safety. And the first time he kisses me turns into heat up the windows type of scene in the front seat of my car.

My immortal existence is safe with Kier. My heart is on shaky ground. Only I could fall in love with a cyborg while my life is going to hell in a handbasket.

Book Info:
Expected Publication: October 20th 2012
Genre: Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance

What do you think of this cover?

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