Cover Reveal: Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis

Posted July 8th, 2012 in Cover Reveal / 17 comments

The New Covers:

The Old Covers:

So as you can see, the covers for the Across the Universe Trilogy have changed midway through its popularity. Normally, I hate when publishers change the covers of books I love, ones in which I am use to certain covers. This happened to the book Shatter Me. I was annoyed at first, but the new cover for Shatter Me was actually better. So I wasn’t as bothered. But the cover change for this Trilogy is just silly. The new covers are horrible. They have none of the same pizazz or beautiful colors that make the older ones so eye-catching. I think the publishers got it wrong this time around. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

What do you guys think of the old and new covers? Are you as upset as I am over the change?

Cover Reveal


17 Responses to “Cover Reveal: Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis”

  1. Marmaladelibby (aka Ange)

    I haven’t read these yet so I guess I’m not attached to one set vs the other, but was annoyed by the fact that these covers look just like the Artemis Fowl series! Which I think is a fail! One series should never look almost identical to another! I don’t care that one is YA and one is MG. It just shouldn’t happen.

  2. D

    Omg, seriously? I hate it when publishers do that. I think it’s okay if you maybe change the cover of a first book before the second comes out – because I think you could still get you first copy up for bidding and start over with the new covers, but sometimes… it makes me furious. Most hated moment was when I found out Rebecca Gablé wrote a 4th book to her Waringham trilogy, which wasn’t even planned, and all of a sudden they get them all out with new covers. I invented a whole set of new curses when I saw that, grrrrr.
    Aynways, I agree with you on that issue: the old covers to Across the Universe are way better, because they actually reflect the theme. What the heck did they think when they made those over again?!

  3. Jenny

    I don’t like the new covers at all. They don’t reflect anything about what’s in between.

    As to the Shatter Me cover…all the books in the series now look the same. I don’t like that. While books may be part of a series, they still have individuality. Their covers need to reflect that, not be regurgitated images of another. Just my opinion. 🙂

  4. Sarah Elizabeth

    I really don’t like the new covers! I had to buy the original ones cause they were so pretty, but I’m so not into the new ones. They just don’t make me want to pick them up at all!

  5. Sarah (saz101)




    There are very few books with covers as stunningly PERFECT as those of the first two books… why? WHY?! I was buying these bloody books half because of their covers! I could’ve bought Australian paperbacks for cheaper than ordering the hardcover and… and… and…

    I have NEVER been this upset about a book cover.
    Excuse me while I go off an cry ;(

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