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A Short Break

Posted April 9th, 2017 in Personal / 17 comments

  Hi all. Sad news. My aunt died a few days ago. I’m going to be with my family for the next week or two to say goodbye and attend the funeral. I will be back, I just need time.   Personal Blogging Break, Personal

I’m Sick

Posted January 11th, 2017 in Personal / 25 comments

I’m Sick

As some of you have noticed I have been gone for a few days. Well, I got the flu. The really, really bad flu that was running rampant at my office. Now it has turned into pneumonia. Yay, me! It’s like breathing through a straw because my chest is so […]

I’m Back!

Posted November 7th, 2016 in Personal / 28 comments

My much-needed two week break is over. My medical issues are not 100% figured out yet but I am working with my doctor to try to figure everything out. It may take some time. It’s a little awkward to talk about but I’m gonna do it. I have had horrible […]

A Brief Break

Posted October 25th, 2016 in Personal / 23 comments

Hey Everyone, I’m going to take a brief break from blogging. I have some medical stuff I need to figure out and take care of. It’s been hard to concentrate lately so I don’t want to produce lackluster posts if I can help it. So I thought a break would […]

I Got the Job!

Posted October 8th, 2015 in Personal / 58 comments

OMG, I Got the Job! I just found out that I got the job for the first interview I went on since I started my job search over a month ago. So, I got the flu Wednesday. I am like dead right now, I feel so bad. My second interview for my dream […]