Bookish Blatherings #24: Researching While Reading

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Welcome to Bookish Blatherings, a Bad Bird Reads feature where I ramble about bookish or bloggerish things and hopefully you will join in on the discussion.

So, are you the kind of reader that looks up things while reading, like unfamiliar words, cities, or people? I totally am. I love doing research while reading. My brain is like a sponge and in-between the alcohol and chocolate, knowledge is my favorite thing to absorb. I do the same thing with TV shows. I watch Hannibal and one time it was said that eating snails and acorns make human flesh taste good. Seriously? That’s fucking awesome! So I researched the crap out of that little nugget for some time, though I actually couldn’t find a lot of info. But still, it was fun! And then there are the words I don’t understand. I love to look them up and even listen to how they are pronounced. I look up photos of cities I never heard of before in other countries, I look up historical figures from historical romance books that are based on true events. I look up the damn events themselves to see how close the author got to the truth.

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I don’t know if anyone else does this. I have always had a love for English class and writing essays and research papers. So maybe the English type people would be more into doing research, or maybe we all do this and I just think I’m the only weirdo. But I do know that it’s my favorite part of reading and watching shows/movies. I want to learn new things every day. I think that’s why I keep going back to school, to extend my education until I am satisfied, though I doubt I will ever be satisfied.

Or maybe researching stuff could ruin the flow of reading. Maybe researching takes the fun out of fiction. I don’t know, is this true for those people who don’t do as I do?

Do you like to research things like unfamiliar words or historical figures while or after reading a book?

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25 Responses to “Bookish Blatherings #24: Researching While Reading”

  1. kindlemom1

    I love my kindle for the dictionary! I am a huge word person and I love learning new vocabulary words so I always look up words that I don’t know, which sadly, happens more than I like LOL!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I am so stupid, half the time I forget I have a kindle that looks up words for me. There I am turning on my computer and feeling stupid later for it, lol

  2. Celine

    I think you do a lot more research than I do, but I definitely look historical figures or certain words up when I’m reading. Or stalk Google maps to see where the story is set 😀

  3. Carrie

    Quite often I do this. Especially when I see a word that I don’t know or it’s used in a different way than I would expect it to be. It’s a learning thing for me. I do this with movies too. 🙂

  4. Lekeisha

    I totally do this all the time! My grade school teacher always taught us to research anything that we read. She had this, like, OCD thing about it. Something about never taking things at face value and all that. I do it anyway because I want to understand words, people, places, things, etc… Especially when I’m reading something historical.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      That’s cool you had a teacher that encouraged that. Good for her.

  5. sherry fundin

    I have to look up words and geographic locations. I want to know what the author is talking about and knowing their location makes it easier for me to visualize where they are.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Yeah, I love being able to visualize the locations characters are at.

  6. Braine Talk Supe

    Which is why I love my ereader because I can look up unfamiliar words. As for the other things, yup, I look up places and people too, especially food! I’ve looked up a few recipes because it sounded amazing in the book.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, me too with the food. Forgot about that one. One time there was this vamp that drank coffee at startbucks, and one time I ordered it exactly like he did at starbucks and I told the staff about the vamp character, and they thought it was cool, so now they have an unofficial vampire coffee at my starbucks. hehe.

  7. anna (herding cats & burning soup)

    I do a little bit but doesn’t sound like quite as much as you. I tend to look up words or phrases I’ve not heard before. And usually I mark down songs mentioned to see what they sound like. Have checked out a topic or two that caught my interest–usually something historical.

  8. Christy

    I am a hardcore researcher. I look up EVERYTHING. My brother, son, and mom always refer to me as the encyclopedia and call me about everything. I joke around and say how if authorities ever had to search my computer history, they’d come up with a really fucked up profile. lol. I’ve always been like that, so I actually loved all the research and studies I had to do in college for psychology and criminology. I used to say I want to be a career student. 😀 The friends I’ve had since high school think it’s funny what a nerd I am, because I was …. a bad girl. But, I was a nerd then too, they just didn’t see it.

    I absolutely do it while reading too. I Google map the setting, and I look up a lot of things that catch my attention. Like, when I read Dark Inside and the sequel by Jeyn Roberts, I was seriously following them through their trip and then through the streets of Vancouver. lol.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, career student, never had a word for it but yes that’s what I wanted to be. Kinda am right now.

      Yay, another researcher that’s as weird/detailed as me. We are like booksoulmates, except for you liking sad endings and killing off characters!

  9. Jackie

    I absolutely get caught up in research when reading books. It’s one of the reasons why it takes me so long to finish books. Most recently, I read the Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley, which takes place in Ireland, so I spent many nights researching Ireland and looking at pictures of Ireland. An unfortunate side-effect is wanting to visit Ireland so badly now and not having the funds to do so (not yet, at least)!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, It takes me forever to finish a book too! I want to visit Ireland sooooo bad.

  10. Jaclyn Canada

    If looking things up on Google could be listed as a favorite past-time, it would definitely be one of mine. I’m almost obsessed with gathering information about even ridiculously dumb stuff. I don’t have a clue what I did before Google came along…

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