Bookish Blatherings #21: Meeting Book Bloggers

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Welcome to Bookish Blatherings, a Bad Bird Reads feature where I ramble about bookish or bloggerish things and hopefully you will join in on the discussion.

So, this is totally random. I saw a fellow book blogger talk about meeting up with other book bloggers and I was instantly jealous. How freaking cool would that be to meet other bloggers, hang out, and talk books? The best day ever, that’s what that would be! So then I was setting a plan in my head where I was going to try to get Southern California bloggers together somehow. Sounded good for about a minute. Then I realized people would have to actually meet me. Oh. My. God.

I have met Ashley from NoseGraze at a book signing once and I think it went well. She didn’t run away screaming. Always a plus. But deep down I am weird. I know I am weird, despite what that Weird Test said. Ninety-five percent normal my ASS! Now, I don’t pick my nose in public (Gross, seriously. The girl that sits next to me in my photography class did that tonight. Disgusting.) or date my cousin or anything like that. I just don’t think my personality is for everyone. I am a bit forward (though I use to be hella shy as a teen), I talk loud and fast, and I am sarcastic to a fault.

Then I started to think about how other bloggers pictured me from just my blog. How they imagined me from only reading my posts, comments, and so on. What do you guys see? I don’t know. But if I met you all, would that image be ruined? Would it be better? It’s a scary thought when you really think about it. I don’t really care about my image, but it would suck to accidently act a fool when meeting a blogger and have them not read my blog anymore because of it.

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Then comes the fact that a lot of us can be introverts or not very social. Could we meet and actually…*gulp*…talk? Or would we just stare at each other’s faces for a good 20 minutes and call it quits. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. But what I am trying to say is that, as a book blogger, do you really want to meet other book bloggers? Do you want to risk altering your blogger image with a live view of the real thing? Could you actually hold up a conversation with other bloggers or would you rather stay at home, behind your safe computer, and let the mystery continue?

Would you really want to meet up with other book bloggers or stay behind the computer? Why or why not?

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43 Responses to “Bookish Blatherings #21: Meeting Book Bloggers”

  1. Ashley

    I think you and I did a really freakin’ awesome job! 😀 We just totally clicked! That was definitely one of my best experiences.

    All my others were in big, huge gatherings (like BEA) or small get togethers where it feels like everyone knows each other except for me. That’s when I fail miserably. I’m horrible at butting into groups and becoming part of them. I tend to linger awkwardly on my own and look like the social outcast X_X

    I’m just pretty rubbish at meeting new people and carrying on a great conversation. I think most people would be disappointed if they met me in person, because I come across way better online.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I am so introverted when it comes to big events. I never talk to anyone, and sometimes, when I do, I feel like they just want to get back to talking with their ‘group.’

      I think we did an amazing job. That was so fun.

  2. Caro @ The Book Rogue

    My dearest Jennifer,
    first off, let me say that I would love to meet you. You personally. From your writing style, I think your crazy is right up my alley, and we’d find a way to break the ice. 😉

    However, I am very comfortable with the whole web between me and the rest of the blogger world most of the time. Would I meet up with other bloggers if the opportunity presented itself? Definitvely! Especially a chosen few I actively read and follow closely. Would I die if I missed it? Certainly not.

    As far as your image is concerned… It can always happen that someone meets you, dislikes you, and then stops reading your blog. But what I heard from the German community, where bigger gatherings to fairs twice a year are common, to know the face behind the blog they like personally knits them closer together as friends. So I dare say that the other way around is more likely to happen.

    The question whether or not we could actually manage a conversation is the most important one, I guess. Sure, we all have a book blog — but we most certainly don’t all read the same things, as evidence by the limited number of comments you get under reviews instead of any other kind of post.
    In addition to that, I am seldom up to date with new releases that are currently hyped about, so I doubt I’d have anything to talk about with a blogger who’s totally in the scene and on top of the wave. With all the books that are out there for us, I’m nor surprised at all that we can run in the same circles without actually intersecting at any freaking point.

    Be that as it may, if you really want to make a meeting happen, maybe you could find 1 or 2 other bloggers to meet with at first, and then each of you will bring another 1 or 2 new ones next time, slowly getting the event bigger. It’ll build your confidence, because new faces will be looking up to you, and you can run to the people you already know and feel comfortable with if you feel you need a breather.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I pretty much feel the same way you do. I would love to meet other bloggers but I wouldn’t die if I didn’t. I like being behind my computer. I feel safe. I too don’t always read the top, newest reads. But I think most of us have a few books in common.

  3. Braine

    Now, I don’t pick my nose in public (Gross, seriously. The girl that sits next to me in my photography class did that tonight. Disgusting.) or date my cousin or anything like that. <<< I'll still love and talk to you. I'll hand you some sanitizer after you're done drilling.

    I have the same anxiety that's why I haven't gone to the utopYA here in Nashville. I've been to a meet and greet with Donna Grant, it went well but it took a long time for me to warm up to the rest of her fans.

    You and I have similar traits. If we do have a chance to meet up, I'll be sure to break the ice for us. I'll make a raunchy joke and you should promise not to look at me weird. If I can wing it, I'll bring an Englishman who will suck your ass and then some. Good?

    • Jennifer Bielman

      LOL, I swear, no picking. I am such a germaphobe, I even hate my own germs!
      An Englishman to suck my ass? *looks at you weird* Oh shit, I forgot, I wasn’t suppose to look at you weird!!! See, already ruining it. 😀

      • Braine

        Remember your post the other day about this book you didn’t like? The one with the Englishman & you said “you can suck my ass”? Lol

  4. Red Iza

    I’ve never met other bloggers IRL, but I’ve met several times IRL people I’d already met and clicked with online (including my boyfriend !), so relax, it might be awkward at the beginning, we’re all shy, but I bet things will get better soon 🙂 It’s easy to be behind a computer, I don’t think we show a different side of who we really are, but on the contrary, we’re more free to be who we are. I’m not sure I’m making any sense – furthermore, I love weird people, they’re more interesting, lol !

    • Jennifer Bielman

      It seems like a lot of couple start off online. It seems crazy but totally makes sense. You get to know someone pretty well.

  5. kindlemom1

    I think we all have our quirks but in a really good way! I think I would love to meet you, although, I am shy, well at first anyways and then you can’t get me to shut up. I don’t know, it would be scary but so much fun too!

  6. Lekeisha

    You know I’m laughing right now, don’t you? Do you know how many times I’ve thought about meeting my favorite bloggers? Even before I started blogging last year, I always thought about it. Then, the panic sets in. I’m not a social person, which is why I stay home. If I didn’t have a job to go to everyday, I’d never leave the house. I’m awkward, a little OCD, and all things in between.

    From just reading your posts, I think that you are way more outgoing than me. I may be wrong in that assumption, because I remember you saying that you are sort of introverted like me. It’s different when you aren’t face to face with people. Sure, I can talk all day on this computer, but get me in a room full of people. I. Will. Expire! Seriously, I can’t tell you how that freaks me out. Remember the Twilight days? So, yeah, I planned to go to so many events and meet some fellow twihards but I chickened out. I wondered if they wouldn’t talk to me, or whatever.

    That would be a huge step for me to take. Even when traveling with family, I’m stuck by myself so that I won’t have to hold a conversation. Stupid really, when I could have just stayed home. But, they want me present, so I go. If you ever want to meet up with me, maybe Skype for now. LOL!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      It’s weird because I am both introverted and extroverted. Sometimes I wont talk to anyone in a crowded room, then sometimes I ma the life of the party. I don’t know how I switch on and off.

  7. Julie @ Chapter Break

    I’ve met some book bloggers at bookish events and the great thing is we’re all there to be super fans so we’re going to get along just fine! I liked meeting others, especially if I follow their blogs, because it is fun to be in the presence of other silly booknerds.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      So jealous that you met other bloggers. Happy to know it sent well.

  8. benish

    I think I’m better talking individually to someone new, but I suck in groups. I never really talk in groups because it feels awkward if you’re meeting for the first time.

  9. Keionda@Keionda Hearts Books

    OMG. YES. YES. YES. I would love to meet other bloggers and be able to have a coffee,eh, maybe a latte or two for me and just talk books?? THE. LIFE.
    And you think you’re weird, girl I’m so socially awkward it is ridiculous(I mean verbally talking) typing I’m okay. I’m totally that one person that would sit and stare at You for twenty seconds not knowing what to say. haha (not really)
    Lovely discussion post girlie.

  10. Melissa (My words and pages)

    I always thought it’d be neat to meet other bloggers. I will agree that I’m not always as nice as everyone thinks I am though. I am very kind when I meet people and those people, unless we meet many times, don’t really get to see the true me deep down. So there is that. But I’ve meet bloggers that I thought were not kind and they seemed very stuck up, but they think their blogs are all that and very popular already, so… the personality fits. 😉 They are a bigger blog and popular, but you don’t have to be on the self centered side either.

    But in the end, I’d still like to meet bloggers. The ones I visit regularly and seem to have a fun friendship with. 🙂

    • Jennifer Bielman

      Awww, that’s to bad that you met form stuck up bloggers. That’s just silly. Just cuz a blog is bigger doesn’t meant the blogger is a Goddess or something.

  11. Angel

    Some of my online bookish friends and I have plans to meet at a book fair in September. I totally agreed because it would be so cool to meet them personally but now I worry because I’m so awkward and shy I don’t know what I’ll do around them! 🙁 Haha!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I think we all worry about that but I bet we all would do amazingly when meeting. I think you will have so much fun.

  12. anna (herding cats & burning soup)

    LOL I think we’re all a little weird. I’ve met up with a lot of different bloggers over the years and have some local which is fun. Even though a lot are introverts in general when together with other readers that seems to disappear a bit 😀

    • Jennifer Bielman

      That’s what I thought. We have so much in common so how could we all be awkward when meeting? That’s so cool you have local bloggers to meet up with.

  13. Melliane

    It’s always such a pleasure to meet blogger mainly as many became dear to me. I met Sullivan McPig when she came in France and I was so happy because she is so sweet! I met French bloggers and even went to the wedding of one. Sometimes it’s impressive how we meet people.

  14. Sharon - Obsession with Books

    What a great post! I like weird 😉 I have never met another blogger IRL and being completely shy I am not sure if I ever will unless it is at a publisher book event but I’d still be the quiet person hiding in the back row trying to avoid attention.

    I’m also in Australia and there aren’t a lot of bookish events around unfortunately.

    Judging by your posts, I think you’d be lovely and being forward is sometimes a good thing and sarcasm can be fun!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      hehe, thanks. That sucks not a lot of book events happen in Australia.

  15. tonyalee

    haha nose picking…

    I go back and forth on this. In one hand, I want to meet people because I don’t have many people I see on the daily that I connect with. That being said, I am not good in groups and I am weird, too. LOL But for the most part, I have had great experiences meeting bloggers IRL. There have been many awkward moments and some not so friendly moments, but overall the ice is easily broken!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I think it is in general awkward to meet new people but I bet us bloggers would always find something to talk about.

  16. kimbacaffeinate

    LOL, I think we all are a little weird, but we all share a passion for books so that makes us undeniably cool to fellow bloggers and book lovers. I would totally love to meet you or any bloggers for that matter. While I tend to be a homebody and it takes me a while to warm up in real life..I imagine we would all get along just fine

    • Jennifer Bielman

      I am such a homebody too. But it’s nice to meet new people. I think book bloggers are the best people too! 🙂

  17. Kristin

    I’ve never met another blogger before. I went to a small convention… tiny really… and I didn’t know anyone. I met up with an author who I’d spoken with previously and we kinda sorta clung to each other for support. However, I think if it were a scheduled meet-up instead of an awkward bump-in at a convention, I don’t think it would be weird at all. I mean, I feel like what you get online is the real me. It’s just, I’m a little quiet around people I don’t know and it takes me some time to warm up and let loose, but once I do you can’t shut me up 😛 Not to mention the fact that we would all be bloggers and would not only GET it but be passionate about our experience… I think that would be a huge ice breaker.

    • Jennifer Bielman

      True, we have a huge icebreaker when it comes to books. I think my online-ness is the same real me-ness. I think. lol.

  18. Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales

    Well,I’ve only met one blogger in my life-because there’s only one other fellow blogger in my country,and thankfully we live in the same city.But I think I might become an awkward stuttering mess if I ever get a chance to meet others:)

  19. Jaclyn Canada

    I think we’d get along smashingly well LOL. Weirdos unite and all that. I talk fast too, am sarcastic and blunt, and enjoy other people who are. I share an office with a fellow introvert that loves books and that’s what sparks all of our conversations. I think once you get going on the right author or series, there’s plenty to be said even from introverts that hate social gatherings and…you know…other people.

  20. Olivia

    I understand why all these thoughts are running through your mind but in truth I would love to meet more book bloggers. But it seems like so many of them are in America or England, and I am in the Netherlands myself so there is like no one here 🙁 Which is a huge shame because I think I would love it!

    • Jennifer Bielman

      True, the bloggers I know are mostly in the UK, US, or Australia.

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