Book Spotlight: The Wannabe Vampire by Alex Taylor (Free on Amazon)

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The Wannabe Vampire

Book #1 of the Michel Alexander/Kari Logan Series

by Alex Taylor

Michael Alexander is not your typical vampire.

He has a house in a small coastal California city, a software development team in Mumbai, and a black Toyota Prius. He wants nothing more than to enjoy the pleasant life he’s crafted for himself and the friendship of Kari, his new next door neighbor.

Unfortunately, Michael also has a stalker.

Bruce is convinced that only the power of a vampire can save him from the ghost that haunts him. After a chance encounter in the grocery store, he turns to Michael for help. When Bruce’s entreaties are rejected, his unstable nature takes over. Trapped between a desperate and deranged man and his fantasies, Michael and Kari are caught in the crossfire. ~Goodreads

So we are here today to reveal Taylor’s debut paranormal romance/urban fantasy debut novel, The Wannabe Vampire. And what’s even better is that this ebook will be free on Amazon from July 13th (Today-Friday) to the 15th (Sunday). So don’t miss out, make sure to click the Amazon link below for this free ebook.

Author Bio

Alex Taylor was born and raised in Lompoc, a small town on California’s Central Coast that is not too different from the one described in the Michael Alexander/Kari Logan novels. A long-time vampire fan, Wannabe Vampire is Alex’s first novel.

When not writing vampire stories, Alex enjoys camping, blogging, reading, and playing with parrots. Alex’s first RV was very much like the one Kari owns, but this is a total coincidence.

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  1. JenM

    I just picked this up. I don’t usually bother with vamp books as there are so many out there, but this sounds different and quirky. Best wishes to the author.

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