Author Interview with Holly Hood, Author of Ink

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Interview with Holly Hood

Wonderful author of  the ebook Ink

Today Holly Hood has graciously agreed to let me torture her with my questions. And they can be torturous because I am super nosey. I reviewed one of her paranormal romance books Ink and after turning the last page I knew I had to know more about her.

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Q – Who is Holly Hood? Tell us about yourself. And please tell me that’s your real name because that would just make my day.

A – Yes, this is my real name thanks to my lovely husband. I always said I don’t have to worry about a pen name with a name like mine. As for who I am, I’m a lot of things. A mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend. I’m a sarcastic person who tends to live in the moment. I am a thinker. I think about everything down to the finest detail. I think about things others might not. I’m quiet when you don’t know me, but when you do I have a lot to say. I have always used writing as a way to express my true feelings because sometimes its hard to just say what is on my mind–and if I did, a lot of people probably would be upset with me. I love music. I like discovering new bands. And I don’t go a day without it. I used to love painting and drawing and recently realized just how great I really was at it when I took the time to do it. Reality television is my addiction, I love it and it often feeds my writing. I have a mind that never takes a break and sometimes its exhausting and probably why I write all the time. There is so much going on in my head its amazing I can carry it around on a daily basis. haha. My biggest flaw would probably be my horrible organizational skills. To me I’m organized to the world its chaos.
Q – Well, make sure to thank your husband for us because you couldn’t have even picked a better name if you wanted to. It makes me want to write a character just based on that name. Which reminds me. How do you come up with the characters in your books? Do you base their personalities and looks on real people or just use the wonderful powers of your imagination to create them?

A – I can’t write a book without a visual. So I kind of make a character page with images of celebs or whoever would resemble the person I am creating in my story. Their personalities blossom over time. Once they are named and have a look they seem to take on a mind of their own. And then I am simply just the puppet writing their story. I wonder if that makes me crazy….

Q – Oh yeah, crazy as a loon, but that’s what makes your books so fun to read. Sanity is overrated anyway. Do you have a favorite character to write? If so, who and why? Is their a character you find difficult to write?

A – Sanity is for sure overrated…Oh yes for sure. My absolute favorite character to write is Kenny Carlo (Wingless book series). Why you ask? Because he is a sarcastic, arrogant, jerk. He doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. And he always says what’s on his mind no matter the consequences or who’s feelings he is hurting.

I think the most difficult would be Eve. The main character in Wingless. She is emotional and moody. Eve has a lot of issues and can come off kind of self-centered. She for sure is tough to write. I think probably because most of Eve’s thoughts are a lot like my own. Eve was my way to vent about life(death). It just so happened to turn into a six book series.

Q – For those who are hearing about Ink for the first time, how would you describe the book to them?

A – Ink is a very different kind of book. I wrote it and I still have a hard time putting it into words. I guess the book follows the life of a girl, Hope. As she tries to fit in to this new world that has been thrust upon her. Nobody likes change—even if they say they do. So when Hope has to try and fit in into a world of rich snobs and rude people, it’s hard for her. She meets two guys that are polar opposites, one is the Mayor’s son and the other is in a band. And it kind of follows her journey with them and her family as she takes on the dark secrets in the town. I think Hope makes for a great character because she is a great person. And I think the characters in this story help push it along and make it almost magical and a bit humorous. You can’t help but fall for Slade even when you’re trying to figure him out. It’s a story about love from a young person’s point of view. But I think it also shows the real side of love. One that is true in life in some ways. It also shows the undying bond Hope has with her father who has problems of his own. No matter what, she refuses to give up on him. And she sort of takes on the role of his caregiver after his divorce, trying to keep everything together. I like the paranormal side of Ink and I tried my best to do it a bit different for the reader. Ink was an idea that turned into probably one of my favorite books to write. The mystery and the darkness kind of pull you in and has you hoping for the best for Hope. You start to feel a bit creeped out and uncertain of everyone around her as you watch her figure it all out. I know I wouldn’t want to reside in Cherry California.
Q – Yeah, I would have to agree. Cherry is a no go for me, too. Though I like the name, it’s enticing. Can you tell us a little more about your other books? I know after people read “Ink” they will be dying to see what else you have written.

A – I wrote a book series before Ink. It consists of six books. Wingless, Polar, Scattered and Broken, Prison of Paradise, Letters to You and Back to Life. It’s a paranormal romance with quite a different kind of forbidden love. I don’t want to give away to many details but it’s a unique take on paranormal romance that I haven’t seen done too many times before. Wingless was the first book I wrote and I love it. I had a hard time ending the series at book six because I was so invested in the characters. I might have cried…. but don’t tell anyone.

I have also written a book called Heart of Gypsies, it’s a romance. And it is in the editing process right now. Heart of gypsies is a gritty story about a girl kidnapped by her aunt. And all the hell she goes through to make it back home. This book is very special to me. And it was a ton of fun to write.

Currently I am writing a new book series. I’m trying out third person this time. It’s a paranormal romance about brother’s who are half incubus. This one is so much fun to write. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Q-  Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone you cried. I am very discreet when it comes to these sorts of things. It’s not like anyone else is going to see this interview. It’s just you and me (and the world). Oops. Anyways. You sure do write a lot, do you like to read, too? If so, what is your favorite book and what are you reading now?

A – Yeah I like to read. I am actually reading a lot more now that I am doing reviews with my friend for Indie authors. My favorite book… Maniac Magee as a kid. Now that I am older, I am going to go with Hush Hush, Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick ( I am reading Silence currently). Then Cryer’s Cross by Lisa Mcmann. I read multiple books at once. Not sure if I am the only one or if many others do the same. But it works for me. I also am reading this book called, Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders. Its a really great read so far.
Q – Yup, right there with you. I am usually reading three books at a time. Since your such an avid reader, is there any authors out there that have influenced your writing?

A – Authors that have influenced my writing: Edgar Alan Poe, Jim Carroll, Nicholas Sparks.

I still remember the first time I read Poe’s work. It gave me goosebumps and chills. I felt like I morphed into his world. A whole new world opened up for me. When I write I strive for that. I want the reader to feel transported. I want them to feel the pain, the anger, the sadness. I want them to feel all of it. (An emotional beatdown I guess you could call it.)

Jim Carroll wrote with a pure beauty that leaves me breathless. So I will just share my favorite from him:

“You’re growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies… so we can dance.” – Jim Carroll

And lastly, Nicholas Sparks, he is amazing. I find him great because he never has quite the happy ending. And I am a sucker for anything that makes me cry.

I like books that speak the truth. I learned from Nicholas Sparks that books don’t have to be cookie cutter. They don’t have to be all butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes rainclouds and centipedes works just as well.

Q – As a writer, I always like to hear about my fellow writer’s creative process. What kind of writer are you? What’s your routine and tricks?

A – High five on being a writer. I am a crazy writer. I used to write totally unplanned. But then I found it’s a good way to stall out quickly. So now I map out chapters, kind of write down my goals then expand on each one. That becomes a chapter in itself.

I send each chapter to my friend who comments on the chapters. I use her reactions to get the overall feel of the story from a reader’s eyes. If I get stuck I talk about the book with either my friend or husband. Or I will just clean my house, because ideas pour in when I am cleaning.

I also listen to music that sets the mood. If the chapter is happy I am listening to something fitting. If its angry then I’ll probably be playing some Marilyn Manson or Avenged Sevenfold. I always have one particular song that I associate with that book during my process. (Ink’s was, The Flys-Got you where I want you.)

And maybe the one thing that has never changed is the fact I never change my writing. I have never cut out chapters or majorly overhauled anything I write. I don’t believe in that. I feel a writers words are their words, they shouldn’t be adjusted, because then it isn’t real its more forced.

I have three kids so I write whenever I am able. I write in between cooking dinner. Or when they are at school. I make myself write a chapter a day. And the times when I don’t write I go through writing withdrawals.

I want to thank Holly Hood for spending time with us and honoring me with a great interview. She is an amazing writer and I would highly recommend checking out her collection of books. And don’t miss my giveaway of ebook Ink coming soon.

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  1. Ninja Girl

    Great interview, and the book sounds fantastic! I’d never heard of Ink before. And I agree with Holly; sometimes it’s really fun to write those unapologetic characters who can say/do anything and not feel bad like the rest of us might.
    Nice post,
    Ninja Girl

  2. Mercedes

    I loved the give and take of this interview! Actually, I sort of want to hang out with the two of you at a coffee shop and just chat writing for hours! I’m impressed that Holly writes a chapter a day with three kids. My third is 5 months old and I’m struggling just to see straight!

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