ARC Review: The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter

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The Goddess Inheritance

Goddess Test Series, #3

by Aimee Carter

Publisher: Harlequin Teen (Feb 26, 2013)
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Mythology
Format: eARC (384 pages)
Source: NetGalley/Publisher
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Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can’t stop her–until Cronus offers a deal.

In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he’ll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.

With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.

Even if it costs her eternity.

At A Glance
This was the best book of the trilogy, but still I couldn’t get into most the characters.

The Good
If I were anyone else, this book would have received 4 stars. But because I am me, I just couldn’t do it. This review/rating is different from my previous reviews/ratings. I think most everyone will enjoy and maybe even love The Goddess Inheritance. But I am weird in the fact that I held on to some grudges from the second book and couldn’t get over them for this book. So let’s move on to the actual good parts that made The Goddess Inheritance a 4 star book even if I gave it 3 stars.

The. Action. WOW. Goddess Interrupted had so little action. I was blown away with how much Aimee compensated for that this time around. It was non-stop. I was excited, scared, anxious, and exhilarated with every page. The twists and turns, the loss, the need for revenge, the hate, the love, the friendships, it was all there. Everything you need for an Awesome Book recipe was included in this story. You will not be disappointed in that respect.

Some characters really shined this time around. I saw them with so much more depth. The two standouts were Ava and Cronus. We knew Ava as the free loving, bubbly girl who adored life. Ava in The Goddess Interrupted was a little broken but also stronger. We saw her dedication and love for Nicholas and we saw her determination to win this war. We saw the lengths she was willing to go to do what was needed, even if she didn’t agree, even if it broke her to do it. I knew from the beginning the true reasons she handed Kate over to the enemy, but I still wanted to blame her, because she had a choice no matter her excuses. But that’s why I liked her so much in this book, because I both loved and hated her at times. But the hate was from a good place because she deserved so much more.

Cronus was the ultimate creepy villain. He’s both a sociopath and psychopath. His lack of emotions were haunting, then he “fell in love” and his creep factor double. He may be a mass murderer but I almost felt bad for him. I could easily see him as a lost puppy just wanting to be loved. Even if he schemed and blackmailed to get the girl, I still saw him as a man who wanted his freedom and wanted to love someone. I don’t know why but I like when I can sympathize with the bad guy, even if they are mostly evil.

I really think this was a great ending to the trilogy. It wrapped up a lot of things, even if there was both heartbreak and happiness. Aimee really brought it all together with a whirlwind of ciaos, heartbreak, and love.

The Bad
This series never hit me well. I always found myself more annoyed than happy while reading it. Why? It’s the damn characters. I only liked two of them. But still, every one of them made bad decision after bad decision, then they felt guilty, then did it all over again. More so with Kate. She will never learn her lesson. NEVER. It’s like a vicious cycle. And her martyr complex is ridiculous.

The dialogue got cheesy at times. And the whole theme of forgiveness was way overdone. I didn’t even feel like half the people Kate forgave deserved it. Their excuses meant nothing to me.

Also, I’ve never felt a connection between Henry and Kate. I’ve always hated how Henry treated Kate and his actions showed me more that he didn’t care for her as much as she cared for him. Were they better in this book? Yes. I will admit that. But still, their lack of communication had become so tiresome that I no longer rooted for them to be together in the end.

The Snuggly
I never really liked Henry and Kate together, like I just mentioned, but they did have a way better relationship in this book. They were more intuned with each other. But still, I just didn’t really care about them all that much. That’s just me though. Expect YAish romance.

Final Thoughts
If you liked the first two books of this series, you are going to love this book. It wraps everything up, even if it’s both a sad and happy ending. Recommended for fans of this trilogy.

“Sadness doesn’t equal weakness, sweetheart. If anything, it shows the love you have inside of you, and nothing stronger in this world exists.” 


“I figured Henry might smite me if I went through your underwear.”


“I don’t need to be ancient to be worth something.”

The Goddess Test Series:
Book #1: The Goddess Test
Book #2: Goddess Interrupted
Book #3 The Goddess Inheritance

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18 Responses to “ARC Review: The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter”

  1. The Readdicts

    This series has been on my TBR since ages, but for some reason or other, I just haven’t been able to get to it. It’s great that the final installment wraps everything up nicely and I guess when a series ends, the end is bound to be both happy and sad. I’m glad you liked The Goddess Test series, Jennifer! Amazing review! 🙂

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Ashley

    I’m sorry that ‘meh’ feelings towards the series affected your enjoyment for this book! But I’m glad you at least liked it somewhat. I agree that Cronus was a totally cool character! I felt myself really sympathizing for him.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth

    I liked Kate and Henry’s relationship better in this one too. He was horrible to her in the second book. It’s a shame this one was a bit irritating to you!

  4. Synchronized Reading

    I actually really enjoyed this book. But I must agree with you about Kate. The girl just annoys the crap out of me at times. It like seriously? Get it together girl, get it together. And this book really did step up in its action! There was maybe 2 action scenes in book 2.

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  5. Elisa

    I am on the fence about this series. I see those great reviews and want to rush out to try them, but then others where I wonder if I really need to. I just don’t want to be annoyed most of the time while reading three books. Excellent review!

  6. Sam

    I’ve heard the same sort of things about Kate and her martyr complex from other reviewers. I am usually pretty terrible at forgiving characters when they make bad decisions constantly, so I don’t think I’ll ever get around to this. Thanks for the helpful review! 🙂

  7. Jaclyn Canada

    I haven’t read any in this series, but I have seen it around often. The synopsis makes it seem like it would be a rather good read. But it is so important to have a great connection with the characters…to understand their thought processes, and to want to root for them. It’s all good and well to forgive people, but you don’t allow them to be in the same position to do the same things to you over and over. Excellent review – I like how you ended it. Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven

  8. Sarah (saz101)

    Ooooh, Jennifer, I still haven’t read this series and, to be honest, I’m not sure if I shall. I LOVE greek mythology, with the gods and all their caprice, but… hmph. IDK? The drawn out, emotionally abusive relationship between Kate and Henry just… doesn’t entice.

    but then you go and describe everything… and the resolution, and other characters, and I am so SO intrigued. YOUR REVIEWS KILL ME.
    AND… I will NOT download this for Kindle until I’ve finished what I’m reading. I will NOT. I… *whimpers*

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