ARC Review: Ghost Hold by Ripley Patton

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The PSS Chronicles #2

by Ripley Patton

Publisher: Self-Published (Sept 2013)
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: eARC (Novel Length)
Source: Review Request
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Rating: ★★★☆½ (3.5 stars)

Olivia Black is back.

Only this time she’s not the one in need of rescue.

Samantha James, rich, popular, and an award-winning composer at age seventeen, is the next target on the CAMFers’ list. In order to convince Samantha to come with them, Olivia and Passion must pose as cousins, blend into the most affluent high school in Indianapolis, and infiltrate a mysterious cult known as The Hold.

Olivia doesn’t expect it to be easy, even with the PSS guys backing them up. But what she discovers over the course of the mission will call into question everything she ever believed about herself, her family, and especially about Marcus, the guy she is undoubtedly falling in love with.

At A Glance
Wow, this story is getting interesting. I loved the new characters. But the action was kind of lacking.

The Good
Ghost Hold starts off a couple weeks after Ghost Hand. The group has made it to the next stop to save another PSS teenager, Samantha from falling into the hands of the CAMFers. But they are not prepared for the cult brainwashing Passion into staying and the cracks forming within the group.

Olivia has grown since the last book. She is still scared, still unsure, but she is also fighting back, sticking up for herself and her right to know the truth. I love how she is more strategic and ready for battle. I felt bad for her as the group stared to fall apart a little. Who can Olivia really trust? That is always the question in the back of my mind when reading these books.

Marcus was almost as mysterious as before. He is obviously still hiding things, things that can get people killed. I know I was all “death to Jason” the last book, but he actually grew on me in Ghost Hold. I kind of trusted him more than anyone else. The rest of the group is a bit iffy for different reasons. I loved the “fresh meat.” We met a lot of new PSS teens who all have really cool ghost-like body parts. Some were annoying, some were cool, some are still a mystery.

I am still fascinated by Ripley’s supernatural aspect. The ghost body parts is so unique and crazy to learn about. These PSS people have a lot more power than I ever realized. It’s a scary but exciting thought.

I am still happy with this series and can’t wait for the next book. The cliffhanger was killer but it only makes me want to read book three even faster. The last 10% of this book is fast paced, heart pounding, and devastating. And I loved every minute of it.

The Bad
I feel like the plot and story were more exciting in Ghost Hand. Ghost Hold had a lot of downtime and I found myself getting a little bored in some spots. Not enough happened for me, especially with it being on the short side.

Also, if what was revealed about Marcus at the end of this book is true, then I don’t see how we can ever forgive him. He’s lied too much for my taste and I am losing interest in him as the love interest.

The Snuggly
Marcus and Olivia have a lot of falling outs in this book. I am totally on Olivia’s side ’cause Marcus is being an asshat. If he can’t trust Olivia to tell her the truth, then he doesn’t deserve her. But when they are “on” I love them together. So cute.

Very YAish but we do get some steamy scenes, literally, like steamy as in taking a bath together steamy. 🙂

Final Thoughts
I’d say Ghost Hold is just as good as Ghost Hand. There is room for improvement but no one can deny how unique and fun this story it. Any paranormal reader will be thrilled with this series. Very recommended.

This was crazy. There was no way we were going to be able to talk, coherently, in a bathtub together.

“It’s a big tub,” he said, nodding at the other end, “and I promise to be good.”
Yeah, but it wasn’t just him I was worried about. If I got in the tub with Marcus, I would be in the tub with Marcus. “But I—” I looked down at myself. I had on my sleeping tank with no bra underneath, my sweatpants, and underwear.

“You have no idea how relaxing this is,” he said, slipping his hand back into the water and closing his eyes. Either he was taunting me, or giving me a chance to undress without him watching. Probably both.

“You bastard,” I muttered under my breath. I slipped off my shoes and sweatpants and padding barefoot to the far end of the tub.

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  1. Jaclyn Canada

    The ghost body parts do sound really interesting…I’m having a hard time even imagining it so I bet the story is told very well. I’m glad that Olivia’s character developed even more for you in this book. The love interest thing would stink as far as not being able to trust Marcus anymore, but I think it’s great that Jason grew on you 😀 Excellent review! Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

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