About Me

My name is Jennifer and I have an addiction to reading that has consumed my life. I love reading both traditionally published and self-published books in many genres, but I will always have a special place in my heart for paranormal and urban fantasy. I have a lot of hobbies, like graphic design, sewing, and photography, but I am still trying to find my passion in life.


Fun Facts:
– My hair goes all the way down to butt level. Hehe.
– I know some sign language.
– I can answer about 95% of riddles thrown my way. (When I lived in the college dorms, I use to leave riddles on my white board attached to the door so all my dormmates could guess the answers. People became quite obsessed with my riddles.)
– I took all sorts of dance classes for about 8 years when I was young. Tap and ballet were my favorite.
– I’ve secretly always wanted to be a casting director. Now-a-days I would love to own an animal sanctuary.
– I was valedictorian of my high school. Yay, me.
– I love shoes. I know, it’s totally cliche, but I can’t help it. They’re so pretty. And purses!


Genres I read in Young Adult, New Adult, Adult and Erotica (the genres in bold are my major focus):
– Urban Fantasy
– Paranormal Romance
– Romance (Contemporary and Historical)
– Dystopian
– Fantasy
– Sci-Fi
– Horror
– Historial Fiction
– Suspense/Adventure


A quote by me: “A good book can be a curse to the vicariously adventurous.”