A Happy Easter Game

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I want to wish everyone a super-duper, extra special, Happy Easter. May you visit (bicker) with your loved ones, eat enough chocolate to hurl, find 20 creative ways to eat boiled eggs, and love every minute of it. (An Easter game below)

I have something fun for you all this Easter. Even though I am 26 years old, (That’s over a quarter of a century old, people. It’s not right! *gives middle finger to aging*) I still hunt for Easter eggs and have done so every year. I never stopped loving the thrill of the hunt, the exhilaration of winning every year (Oh yeah, call me the Easter egg Queen!), and the laughs I get to share with my family as we relive the crazy things we did to find the most eggs. I hope that I will be finding Easter eggs well into my 90s because there is no reason to deny myself a child’s game when I still feel young at heart. So for this Easter, I present a fun Easter egg game for those of you who can’t bring themselves to crawl in the grass to search for those darn brightly colored ovals. Have an amazing Easter.

Just click on the picture/game to get started, press play, then press continue after reading the directions.


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  1. Sarah (saz101)

    Oh goodnesss… you did NOT post that game. SO. ADDICTIVE.
    HAPPY EASTER, LOVELY! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Four day weekend is WIN! ♥

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